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  Liteon SHM-165p6s 16x16 Super AllWrite DVD-RW White/Black Retail

Product Details



SHM - 165P6S

Model Name

Super AllWrite DVD Writer



DVD Family


16x ( 21600 KB/sec ) maximum by CAV


8x ( 10800 KB/sec ) maximum by Zone CLV


16x ( 21600 KB/sec ) maximum by CAV


4x ( 5400 KB/sec ) maximum by CLV


5X(6750KB/sec) maximum by PCAV


8x ( 10800 KB/sec ) by CLV


6x ( 8100 KB/sec ) by CLV


16x ( 21600 KB/sec ) maximum by CAV

Access time

160 ms

CD Family


48x ( 7200 KB/sec ) maximum by CAV


24x ( 3600 KB/sec ) maximum by Z-CLV in UltraSpeed disc


48x ( 7200 KB/sec ) maximum by CAV

Access time

160 ms

Buffer Size

2 MB ( Max )

PC Required

Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or higher CPU and 128 MB or higher RAM are required HDD must have access time < 20 ms; with a minimum of 650 MB free space 9 GB free space for creating a DVD image file ( 9 GB for double layer; 5 GB for single layer )


Microsoft Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP

MTBF ( Life )

70,000 POH

S/N Ration

> 75 dB


145.0 ( W ) x 41.3 ( H ) x 170.0 ( D ) mm

Product Link

SHM - 165P6S

Support Contact Information

"* This item may only be returned for replacement with identical item *"

For support on this product,
Please contact



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