MGC Server Intel 5U/Pedestal SC5300AF2 EM64T 3.0G Nocona 2GB DDR2 400 2 x73G SCSI HDD Rdnt 730W Raid 0,1,5

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Manufacturer Model #:  SC5300AF2
Item #: MG015300AF2





Processor Support

Dual Gigabit LAN Ports 

Expansion Slot

1 PCI-Express X8
1 PCI-Express X4
2 x PCI-X 133Mhz
1 PCI-X 100Mhz

Drive Bays

3 x 73G Seagate SCSI 10KRPM 8MB cache  

System Cooling

Supports hot-swap redundant cooling with four high-flow system fans plus up to two power-supply fans

Power Supply

730W power supply  (fully redundant configuration requires 2nd power module)

VGA onboard

ATI Rage with 8MB memory


-Two Intel Nocona EM64T 3.0Ghz 800M FSB 1M cache
-LiteOn Combo CD-R + DVD drive
-Intel Server Management 8 with support for optional Intel Management Modules
-Mission-critical applications, enterprise server, large database, online transaction processing, e-business, Internet and NAS 
-3 limited years, mfg direct

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